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About Us

An Anti-corruption Hub (hereinafter referred to as a hub) is an association of individuals and legal entities. The Hub is founded by the Institute for the Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI), which has 10 years of experience working to promote citizen engagement in the fight against corruption, transparency, and decision-making.

The main purposes of the Anti-corruption Hub are the following:

Promoting the fight against corruption through civic activism, analytical and research work, and educational programs;

Creating an effective Anti-corruption Network that will include all municipalities in Georgia;

Developing educational programs to enhance knowledge and skills of citizens for combating corruption and its negative consequences;

Promoting public awareness of corruption and its possible manifestations;

Facilitating the introduction of transparency and openness in the fight against corruption in state and local government - in particular through the transparency of public procurement, publicity of information, and citizen involvement in the decision-making process;

Supporting hub members in publishing anti-corruption analytical papers and planning and implementing activities;

Announcing an open competition for small grants for both hub members and any interested parties;

Taking care of establishing international connections and inviting foreign specialists to improve the qualifications of hub members.

Membership in the Anti-corruption Hub is open to all individuals and legal entities who express a desire to join and justify the positive outcome that the hub will receive as a result of such participation. Those wishing to join the hub, along with registering on the website, must send a cover letter.