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IDFI & Ilia State University Kicked off the Certification Program in Fighting Corruption

IDFI & Ilia State University Kicked off the Certification Program in Fighting Corruption

08 October 2019

Key concepts, ideas, theories & social scientific perspectives on corruption - with this educational Module, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) and Ilia State University kicked off the Certification Program in Fighting Corruption


The Program will enable 31 participants - students, persons employed in the public, private or non-governmental sectors - to deepen their knowledge about anticorruption themes as well as acquire practical skills in order to oppose corruption.


“Selection of Program participants was conducted based on the following criteria: motivation, communication, effective teamwork and presentation skills, etc. Over 500 individuals submitted their applications. The selected group is comprised of the students from higher educational institutions, and the representatives of the public and private sector. After completing the course, the Alumni Network will be created, which will bring together Program participants and foreign alumni of similar programs to sustain research plans, exchange programs and other relevant activities for the future.”, - said Giorgi Kldiashvili, Executive Director of IDFI.


Davit Maisuradze,  Educational Certification Program on Fighting Corruption Project Manager at IDFI: "The Program consists of 8 modules and will last for one year. The participants will learn about the following topics: legal side of fighting corruption, good governance, corruption and politics, investigative journalism, how certain countries succeed in fighting corruption and etc. Lectures will be interactive, composition of theory and practical work. The participants will work on practical cases, will be involved in thematic discussions and prepare essays.”


The Program is financially supported by the Open Society Foundations with co-funding from the Open Society Georgia Foundation